Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board (ZHB) is a three-member board, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, to serve a term of three years. The main function of the ZHB is to assure fair and equitable application and administration of the zoning ordinance by hearing appeals on the Zoning Officer’s decisions and by granting relief from the enforcement of the ordinance in certain hardship situations. The ZHB can neither make nor modify zoning policy and it does not have enforcement powers. Decisions of the ZHB are final and cannot be overruled by the Board of Supervisors. However, both the applicant and the Board of Supervisors have the right to appeal the decision to the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. The ZHB meets on the third Wednesday of the month when there are applications.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Ross A. Unruh Solicitor

Board Members

Robert Schwan



Fredda L. Maddox



Kathleen Kennedy