Instructions and Application Forms

STEP 1 - Zoning Permit Applications
A Zoning Permit approval is required before submitting applications for other permits. The Township Zoning Officer will help applicants  determine if a Zoning Permit is required. Two copies of a site plan must accompany application.

Additional steps (if applicable):
Zoning Hearing Board Approval

Historical Architectural Review Board
Historic District Map Link to Map
Historic District Design Guidelines Link to Guidelines
HARB Application for Certificate of Appropriateness Link to Form

STEP 2 - Land Disturbance Application (if applicable):
Land Disturbance permit application is required before the application for a building permit. Two copies of grading plan must accompany application. The plan must meet all requirements of the Birmingham Township Stormwater Management and Land Disturbance Ordinance. A  review letter must be received from the Township Engineer before work can commence.

  • Best Management Practices for Developers Link 
  • Land Disturbance Application Form Link to Form
  • Draft Simplified Approach to Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) Operation and Maintenance Agreement Link to Form
  • Consultant Fee Reimbursement Policiy and Procedures Link to Form
  • Consultant Fee Reimbursement Contract Link to Form

STEP 3 - Resubmissions (if required)
Resubmission for zoning permits are required if it has been determined through the permitting process that the proposed improvements had been significantly altered in scope and dimensions. Applicant shall reach out to the Zoning Officer prior to application for a building permit to verify the need for resubmission. 

STEP 4 - Building Permit Application
Building permit applications are accepted once all other approvals hadve been obtained. Two copies of all specifications shall accompany the  application.

Supplemental Materials:

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for status of permits and certificates of occupancy should be sent to Tonya Domaszewicz at: