Police Department

Police Administration:
Thomas R. Nelling - Chief of Police
Phone: (610) 793-3333
Fax: (610) 793-0319

Christopher A. Urbany - Sergeant (Second-in-Command)
Police, Fire, Ambulance Call: 9-1-1
Email: birminghampolice@comcast.net

Police Personnel:

Thomas R. Nelling – Chief of Police/Fire Marshal/
                              Open Records Officer
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Christopher A. Urbany - Sergeant
John R. Freas – Patrolman
Joseph A. Arnold – Patrolman
Kevin J. Urbany – Patrolman
John Pot – Patrolman
William Verikakis - Patrolman
Christopher S. Vasek - Patrolman


Thomas R. Nelling (2021) 

Forms, Notices, and Applications:

Solicitor's Permit Application Form

Vacation Notice

Alarm Supplier Application

Alarm Application And Permit

Off-Site Sign Application

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